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Listener Haikus

Published: December 12, 2019

To honor Earth Day 2014 we asked you - our listeners - to tap your own creative muse and send us your haiku.
The topic could be anything Earth Day inspired.
The response was tremendous. In fact, we received more haiku than we could put on the air. Fortunately we can share them with you here.

Marilyn Nutter
I can hear trees breathe
Their leaves moving with the flow
"It's the wind" we say

Diane Bartholomew
tiny hummingbird
angel wings open on high
a prayer for the earth

David Oyster
Wind howls, growls, house moans.
April comes in like a lion.
Bears come in, like, hungry.

Some think of taxes.
I dream of red wing blackbirds.
Fecundity looms.

Jack Mail
Mottled grey and bright
Winter's dull with new yellow
Finches announce spring

Patti Linder-Dodd
Rusty tin sits spoiled
Staining the view for us all
Pick up already

Rusty tin sits spoiled
Consumes the delicate view
Pick up already

H. G. Moser
The sun and the wind
Can energize everything
Time is running out

sand pushed into cracks
gas released from ancient shale
mountaintops remain

R T Mansfield
after the first rain
thin, flexible blades of green
push winter aside

Mike Wertz
In new fallen snow
gray cat pauses at mid-step
listening for luck

Her footprint stamps plain
who has no car for driving
charcoal chunks to sky.

Environment. One
Syllable short. One mention
Not nearly enough.

Erin Rose Conner
There is only Us
Interconnected as one
We are all Gaia

In the chrysalis
Choices the facets that bind
Life already changed

Oaks and Roses,
Erin Rose Conner
AKA The Black Rose

Joyce A. Johnson
Earth Day is the time
to come to aide the Monarchs.
Plant milkweed seeds now.

Blowing dust seeps through
closed windows, framing views of
Early hummingbirds.

Intermittent sun
shining thru rolling ripples
of clouds. Perfect day.

Fill planters with soil,
Transplant flats, lots of seedlings.
Soak them. OH! Night rain!

Pat Fletcher
Bake the Earth a cake
Throw a party for nature,
Clean up when you’re done.

Celestial cell
Holy of Holies homeland,
Sacred speck spinning.

Third planet from sun
Revolving and evolving,
Having lots of sex.

No longer unique
A billion others like us
Every one sacred.

Hyacinths blooming
To the song of the Robin,
Farewell, Orion.

Scott Suma
Bird sings in thicket
Lone peeper chirps it's greeting
First morning music

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