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Technology Update

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GRABER: Fuel cells are being touted as a cleaner way to power your car, and some day your home. Now they may be part of a cleaner way to clean that home. A company in Texas is currently developing the first fuel cell-powered vacuum cleaner. Its energy will come from a canister of hydrogen and will emit only water vapor as a result of the energy used. In addition, the vacuum will be fully portable, and if you reverse the air flow, could double as a leaf-blower. The company says the same technology could also be used in lawnmowers. And the hum of a fuel cell-powered motor is significantly quieter than a typical vacuum cleaner or power mower. So someday, you may be able to use renewable energy to clean your rugs, mow the lawn, and get rid of the leaves, without disturbing a soul. That's this week's technology update. I'm Cynthia Graber.

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