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CURWOOD: Time for comments from our listeners.

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CURWOOD: Walter Bailey heard our report from New Haven, Wisconsin, where the Perrier company plans to tap spring water and sell it. Residents say the pumping will damage their aquifer. Mr. Bailey, who listens to us on Maine Public Radio, says similar questions are being raised in his state. "The same company," he writes," Recently obtained approval and support from the town of Buxton, Maine to add another plant there and remove groundwater. There were some protests from Buxton people, but now the plant is approved with very extensive benefits to the company." Mr. Bailey adds that some residents of the area near the first plant have complained about problems with their wells, but so far there is no proof that the well problems are linked to the bottling plant.

And Robert Jefferson heard our story on space junk. He works at WHYY in Philadelphia, and writes, "You made mention of the speed at which space junk returns to Earth. What about the speed at which such items are moving in the vacuum of space, before their orbit deteriorates? You should have spent more time explaining how a fleck of paint, traveling at well over 18,000 miles an hour, could cause a quarter-inch crater on a space shuttle windshield. Big and little kids would have loved to hear that."

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