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Listener Letters

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This week, Living on Earth dips into our mailbag to hear what listeners have to say about our stories.


Time now for comments from our listeners. Riley Kempton of Franklin, Vermont hears us on Vermont Public Radio. "Jessie Wegman's report on the animal crisis in England was so gripping that it held me in my car well after I had arrived home," he writes. "As the child of American dairy farmers who have sold our cows, I am always interested in the fate of others. However, I was unprepared for the reality that this is every day life in Great Britain. I applaud Living on Earth for showing me what is really happening to these people. Well done."

Marty Garber hears us on KUER out of Salt Lake City, Utah. He called in to point out a missing detail in our story.

GARBER: You guys didn't mention Mad Cow disease. Mad Cow disease is a protein, it's getting buried in the ground with some of those animals, burnt or not burnt, doesn't matter, it doesn't kill the protein. You can't kill it, apparently. And if it gets in the water supply, there could be some people who could actually get Mad Cow disease.

TOOMEY: Your comments on our program are always welcome. Call our listener line any time at 800-218-9988. Our email address is letters@loe.org. And visit our web page at www.loe.org. That's www.loe.org. CD's, tapes and transcripts are $15. You're listening to NPR's Living on Earth.




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