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CURWOOD: Of course, even a documentary can’t compare with seeing the wonders of nature unfold in front of you, live and unedited. And we want to bring you where the action is. You can join me and others from the Living on Earth community on a unique African Eco-Tour this May.

We’ll visit some of the great natural areas of Africa, and have the chance to see some of the world’s most exciting wildlife. Some of the time we will stay in the Mtentu campsite on South Africa’s Wild Coast along the Indian Ocean. The camp is owned and operated by members of the local community. They’ve designed all its facilities to merge naturally with the surrounding environment. By staying there we will bring business to the people of an area still recovering from the hardships of apartheid. And by supporting responsible eco-tourism, we’ll help conserve the land and its wildlife.

There are two ways that you can join the safari. Go to livingonearth.org to find out how you can win a trip for two. You can also reserve a space by buying a ticket right now. For details, visit our website, livingonearth.org. That’s livingonearth.org for a chance at the trip of a lifetime.




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