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[MUSIC: Kronos Quartet “Escalay (Waterwheel)” PIECES OF AFRICA (Elektra - 1992)]

CURWOOD: Thousands of years ago we humans most likely assumed our modern form in the grasslands of Africa and evolved our senses and spirit in the bush. Even today, as biologist E. O. Wilson is fond of pointing out, we prefer to build our houses in spots that our ancient ancestors would approve. We like to be up high overlooking swards of open grass or calm water. And it’s nice to have some animals grazing peacefully nearby as they will likely warn us of the approach of a predator or a war party.

These days, the affluent among us have to settle for lakefront homes and grazing horses, and gardens that imitate the bush. But if you come with me to Africa on May 1st, you can see the real thing.

On our safari we’ll go walking and driving in Kruger National Park where there will be plenty of wildebeests and antelopes to help us sense the big cats in the area, including lions, leopards and cheetah. We’ll tour the bush much as our ancestors did, though we’ll be protected by rangers armed with rifles rather than spears.

Then, we’ll head down to the wild coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean for a few days of horse-back riding, canoeing and hiking under the care of the AmaMpondo tribe. The AmaMpondo are conducting these Eco tours to sustain their way of life and share it with outsiders, rather than seeking employment in the mining operations that have targeted this pristine area.

Find out how you can win a trip for two or guarantee a spot on this safari with me by going to our website, loe.org. That’s loe.org, for an adventure in the land of our origins.



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