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Response on our recent winter bike riding segment.


KNOY: Our story on preparing yourself and your bicycle for winter commuting drew a wide range of responses. One listener wondered why we would report such a story in the relatively toasty climate of New England. "Why not take us to the experts in biking in the worst possible weather," he writes, "the Dutchmen? My mother, 85 years young, still rides her bike through Holland's snow, ice, and rain, without whining about what tires she has. You guys make a big deal about nothing."

On a different note, Bruce Clark, who hears us on KUHF in Houston, said the story made him happy to know he has some company out there. He writes, "I've been bicycle-commuting for many years in a city that's generally unfriendly to bicyclists. So when I heard your interview, I was pleasantly reminded why I chose to commute by bike years ago. Ms. Weisman brought a smile to my face, and in the future, when I see other bikers, I'll remember to smile at them, too."

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