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2014 Archives

December 26, 2014
Christmas Candles / Mary’s New Year’s Eve / Superbowl Sundae / A Green Message for the Next Generation / Maine Life In Song

December 19, 2014
India Says UN Climate Summit Fails Poor Countries / Giveaways Turn Appropriation Bills Into Christmas Trees / Beyond the Headlines / Turtle Rescue / BirdNote® Freeway Hawks / Louisiana's Moon Shot / Place Where You Live: New Orleans, Louisiana

December 12, 2014
Republican AGs Fight Environmental Regulations / An Amusement Park’s Unruly Squirrels / Icy Roads Prescribed a Low-Sodium Diet / Renting Trees Keeps the Christmas Spirit Alive / Beyond the Headlines / Quiet Places Around the World

December 5, 2014
Supreme Court To Hear Challenge to Power Plant Mercury Rule / Coal Baron Indicted in Mine Disaster / Human Rights On the UN Climate Change Agenda / Rhinos For Sale / Place Where You Live: Gaborone, Botswana / Beyond the Headlines / Beinecke's Message of Hope for a Planet In Peril

November 28, 2014
The Best and Worst Cities Preparing For Climate Change / Car-Free To Become Carefree In Helsinki / Danish Green Roofs / Urban Acupuncture To Cure City Ills / Building Complete Streets / Canals in Boston?

November 21, 2014
Keystone XL and the Price of Oil / The Missing Campus Climate Debate / A ‘Charming’ New Particle / Modern Gleaning Helps the Hungry / Plains Bison / Beyond the Headlines / Foods for Health

November 14, 2014
Historic US & China Climate Accord / Beyond the Headlines / Using An Oil Legacy to Save the Oceans / Climate Change & Pacific Northwest Glaciers / Meltdown in Tibet / Harvesting "Himalayan Viagra"

November 7, 2014
Green At the 2014 Ballot Box / Arsenic Released in Frackwater Spills / Fingerprinting Frackwater / Hyundai and Kia Fined for Misreporting MPG and Greenhouse Gas Emissions / Restoring California’s Giant Kelp Forests / Uprooting an Invasive Ribbon Grass on the Metolius River

October 31, 2014
Harsher Winters Related to Arctic Sea Ice Loss / Declining Oil and Divestment / Agent Orange-Related Herbicide Approved for GMO Crops; EPA Sued / Fascinating & Toxic - Traditional Moroccan Tanneries / Lead-Free Ammunition Saves Waterfowl / Albanian Migratory Bird Poaching / Beyond the Headlines

October 24, 2014
Cancer Risks from Mountain Top Removal Coal Mining / Lead In Licorice / Carbon Capture and Recycling / It’s Tough To Turn Frack Water into Profits / Recycling E-Waste / Beyond the Headlines / All-There-Is in Ten Hundred Words

October 17, 2014
Companies Pulling Out of Canadian Tar Sands Oil / Methane Hotspot Seen from Space / Cap and Trade Heats Up Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Race / Beyond the Headlines / Controversial Japanese Whaling / Life For A Humpback Whale / A Man, His Clarinet and Nature’s Singers

October 10, 2014
In Hotter (Sea) Water / Mercury in Coal Dust Poses Wetland Threat / China's Energy Efficiency Program Still Promotes Global Warming / China's Great Frack Forward / China's Online Environmental Activism / Beyond the Headlines / Years of Living Dangerously

October 3, 2014
The State of the Planet / Obama Creates the World’s Largest Ocean Reserve / Firing Up U.S. Nuclear Power / Greening the Tea Party / BirdNote: Solving the Mystery of the Herring Gull’s Red Spot / Beyond the Headlines / Professor Dumpster

September 26, 2014
Record March for Climate Action / U.N. Climate Summit Pledges Global Commitment and Action / Beyond the Headlines / BirdNote® A River of Raptors Over Veracruz / Capitalism vs. The Climate

September 19, 2014
Climate Action As A Race to the Top / China's Rejection of GMO Corn Shipments Prompts Lawsuits / Ohio Community Protests Fracking Wastewater Zoning / Losing Ground in Louisiana / Beyond the Headlines / MIDORI Prize—Acknowledging Excellence in Biodiversity Contributions / Mallardy

September 12, 2014
Prosecutor Defends Climate Action Civil Disobedience / Wilderness Act at 50 / A Fight for New Wilderness / Beyond the Headlines / British Petroleum Guilty of Gross Negligence / Organic-Friendly Weed Blaster / BirdNote® Bushtit - A Very Tiny Songbird

September 5, 2014
World’s Biggest Carbon Trading Market? / U.S. Preps for 2015 Paris Climate Summit / Rafting down the Unbound Elwha / Freeing the Arteries of the Planet / Beyond the Headlines / The Green School / The Quarry

August 29, 2014
Ecology and the Deadly Ebola Epidemic / Scottish Independence from High-Carbon Energy and the U.K. / Scotland Launches the World's Largest Tidal Power Project / Whither the Union Jack? / Beyond the Headlines / The Sound Ring / Bats Seeking Water

August 22, 2014
CO2 Can Reduce Food Value / Power Shift - Big Battery Breakthrough / Chef Bun’s Sustainable Sushi / New Protection For Bluefin Tuna / Sound in the Sea / BirdNote: Gliding with Tropicbirds / The Extreme Life of the Sea

August 15, 2014
Flea Collar Ban To Protect Toddlers / Pesticides on Produce / Using Bacteria to Heal the Desert Erosion / Water 4.0 / Rain Tax / Peak Bagging / UN Climate Change Reports As Haiku

August 8, 2014
Groundwater Contamination on Fracked Land / Fracking With Recycled Mine Water / The Pros and Cons of Geoengineering / The Sixth Extinction / Oregon Minnow Thriving and No Longer Endangered

August 1, 2014
Antibiotic Resistance and Livestock / The Burden of Beef / Science Note: Reducing Bovine Belches and Global Warming Gases / A Green Building Blooms in the Bronx / Beyond the Headlines / American Catch

July 25, 2014
Hottest June Ever / California's Water Crisis / Pennsylvania's Complicated Groundwater Contamination / Unprecedented New England Pipeline Proposal / Beyond the Headlines / The Collapse of Western Civilization

July 18, 2014
The Pope and the Sin of Environmental Degradation / Climate Risk for Real Estate Values in South Florida / A Summertime Ice Mine / Beyond the Headlines / The End of Night

July 11, 2014
Great Lakes Wind Power On Hold / Feds Fund Cape Wind / Oklahoma Earthquakes Linked to Wastewater Injection / BNSF Railways Workers Forced To Ignore Oil Train Safety / Beyond the Headlines / Tangier, The Shrinking Island in Chesapeake Bay / Endangered Languages / Moose at the Mt. Engadine Wallow

July 4, 2014
The Fight To Save the Elephants / WildLeaks / At Home With Humba, the Mountain Gorilla / Science Note—Loss of Large Grazing Mammals Alters African Savannas / A Window On Eternity

June 27, 2014
Canada Approves A Keystone XL Alternative: Northern Gateway Pipeline / Radioactive Risks From Fracking Waste / Beyond the Headlines / Autism Linked to Pesticide Exposure / Honeybee Collapse linked to New Insecticides / White House Protects Pollinators (and also the Monarch) / Flight Behavior

June 20, 2014
U.S. To Create World’s Biggest Marine Reserve / Sick Sea Stars / Camp Lejeune Water Pollution Victims Setback / Nature’s Dividend—Pricing Global Ecosystem Services / Adding Up the True (and Tricky) Cost of Carbon Pollution / Beyond the Headlines / BirdNote on Burrowing Owls / Digging for Owls

June 13, 2014
EPA Rules Ignore Methane / World Cup Host and Climate Leader / Louisiana Sinkhole Spoils Bayou Paradise / Beyond the Headlines / Margaret Atwood on Fiction, The Future, and Environmental Crisis

June 6, 2014
EPA To Regulate Emissions From Power Plants / A Regional Model for Reducing Power Plant Emissions / International Response To Proposed EPA Regs / Beyond the Headlines / Iron-eating Bacteria / Gold-Mining in Alaska / John Muir and the Ice that Started a Fire / Whooper Swans of Southern Iceland

May 30, 2014
Taking The Lead On Climate Change / Protecting Homeowners From Landslide Risk / Some Banks Stop Funding Mountain Top Removal / Saving Chestnut Trees to Reclaim Mined Mountains / Beyond the Headlines / The Oldest Living Things in the World

May 23, 2014
Flooding In The Balkans / The Wetland that Saved Highway 101 / Unprepared for Arctic Oil / Arctic Explorers / Beyond the Headlines / Springtime Birding With David Sibley

May 16, 2014
Reducing the Risk of Breast Cancer / Oil Boom And Worker Deaths / The (So Far) Elusive Dream of Carbon Capture And Storage / Deep Seabed Mining / Gold Mining & Child Labor / CO2 Can Reduce Food Value / Beyond the Headlines / The Mysterious Sound Of Snipe

May 9, 2014
Stanford Divests from Coal / Texas Family Wins Fracking Suit / Pesticides on Produce / Gardening for Climate Change / Bittersweet Nightshade / Evolution in the Age of Mass Extinction / Beyond the Headlines

May 2, 2014
Pesticides Found in GM Soy; Vermont Orders Labels / Canada Regulates Dangerous Oil Trains / Ozone Pollution on the Rise / Clearing the Air In Houston / BirdNote — The Perfect Nest box / Beyond the Headlines / Goldman Environmental Prize Winners

April 25, 2014
Dangerous Work On Mt. Everest / Flea Collar Ban To Protect Toddlers / Climate and the President's Science Advisor / BP Says Gulf Cleanup Over / Update - Fighting to Protect an Ancient Underwater Forest / Beyond the Headlines / Earth Day Haiku

April 18, 2014
Bargain Time For Climate Protection / Fossil Fuel Divestment Gains New Supporters / Top Banana / Bananageddon / Beyond the Headlines / Earthday Haikus

April 11, 2014
Pesticides Can Lower Intelligence / Hydropower Overload In China / Greening the Web / The Growing Threat From Methane / Send Us Your Haiku -Listener Letters / Beyond the Headlines / Sea Star Mystery / New Species Discovered Under Ice / Searching Out the Arctic Fox

April 4, 2014
International Court Saves Whales / Big El Niño Coming? / Washington State Landslide -- Living with Risk / Exxon: The Economy Is Stronger Than the Environment / Beyond the Headlines / Maple Syrup and Climate Change / UN Climate Change Reports As Haiku

March 28, 2014
Climate Change Here and Now / Exxon Agrees to Reveal Climate Change Risks / Oil Spills Increasing / BP Set To Expand Oil Drilling in The Gulf / Microbes, Dispersants, and Oil in the Gulf / BirdNote®: Mockingbird / Beyond the Headlines / Sounds of the Sea

March 21, 2014
Power Shift - Electric Utilities Fight Rooftop Solar / Power Shift - Big Battery Breakthrough / Power Shift- Lessons From Massachusetts Public Transit / Small Matters: Emergence / BirdNote ®: Vernal Equinox / Beyond the Headlines / The Extreme Life of the Sea

March 14, 2014
Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Three Years Later / Navy Rescuers Claim Radiation Sickness / Petrochemical Boom on the Gulf Coast / BPA-Free Does Not Always Mean Safe / Beyond the Headlines: / A Feathered River Across the Sky / Deer Miss

March 7, 2014
The Crimean Conflict and Energy / Reducing Sulfur, Saving Lives / Ice Climbing / Beyond the Headlines / 3-D Printing is Green / Small Matters: RNA / Life At The Speed Of Light

February 28, 2014
Bad Air inTexas from Fracking Boom / Colorado Reins in Fracking Air Pollution / Protecting the Amazon, Preserving Culture / Beyond the Headlines / Hunting For (and By) Polar Bears / Bald Eagle Hatchling on Webcam / Oregon Minnow Thriving and No Longer Endangered / Poor Science? Gray Wolf to Lose Federal Protection / Winter Wolf Song

February 21, 2014
Kerry: Climate is WMD / Keystone Ruling / Fluoride and Other Chemical Risks / Microbeads in the Great Lakes / Beyond the Headlines / Saving Monarchs / The Sixth Extinction

February 14, 2014
Cleaning up Coal Ash / USDA Helps Growers Deal with Climate Change / Farm Act of 2014 Provides Poor Soil Protection / Using Bacteria to Heal the Desert / BirdNote© How Feathers Insulate / Beyond the Headlines / Presidential Pen Creating National Monuments / Snowshoeing with Sally Jewell / This Lake Can Sing!

February 7, 2014
Oil Addiction Boosts Odds For Keystone / West Coast Drought / Drought Squeezes California Farmers / Water 4.0 / Rain Tax / Beyond the Headlines / Eagle Cam / How to eat a Geoduck

January 31, 2014
The Environmental State of the Union / Russia Cracks Down on Critics of Olympic Site Construction / Remembering An Afternoon WIth Pete Seeger

January 24, 2014
Not Enough Rare Earths / Oil Train Danger / Explosive Oil Trains / New Research Probes BP Oil Disaster / BirdNote / Beyond the Headlines – Roadkill Science / Mother of Medicine Tree

January 17, 2014
Risky Business / Bad Data for Bad Water / How Safe is Your Lipstick? / Beyond the Headlines ‑- Noisy Oceans and Wind Power in Spain / Navy Personnel Claim Radiation Sickness From Fukushima / Life in Chernobyl and Fukushima / BirdNote® -- Peregrines and Merlins and Gyrfalcons

January 10, 2014
White House Confronts Climate Deniers / Groundwater Contamination on Fracked Land / Fracking With Recycled Mine Water / The Pros and Cons of Geoengineering / Air Pollution and Diabetes / Beyond the Headlines – Cheerios go’s GMO-free / Prairie Rattlesnake

January 3, 2014
What to Expect in 2014 / Beyond the Headlines – Environmental Coverage on the Rise / The Birth of the Clean Water Act / Storm King


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